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Cloud Computing

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The Cloud Computing Specialization takes you on a tour through cloud computing systems. We start in in the middle layer with Cloud Computing Concepts covering core distributed systems concepts used inside clouds, move to the upper layer of Cloud Applications and finally to the lower layer of Cloud Networking. We conclude with a project that allows you to apply the skills you've learned throughout the courses.

In this course we cover a multitude of technologies that comprise the modern concept of cloud computing. Cloud computing is an information technology revolution that has just started to impact many enterprise computing systems in major ways, and it will change the face of computing in the years to come.

In this practical course, you will start from the very beginning, with basic OS Desktop, Server installation, and learn how to Manage Microsoft Server, what is Virtualization, Hyper-V, Esxi server.

Desktop Management
  • Installing Windows
  • Configuring Network Connectivity
  • Managing Storage
  • Managing Files and Printers
  • Managing Data Security
  • Managing Device Security
  • Managing Network Security
  • Introduction To Microsoft Server
  • Installation & Management Of Server OS
  • Introduction & Installation of ADDS
  • Managing Active Directory Domain Services Objects
  • Installing & Cofiguring DNS Server
  • Implimenting Group Policy Infrastructure
Advanced Server Virtualization
  • Introduction to Advanced Administration
  • Implementing Network Load Balancing
  • Implementing Failover Clustering
  • Implementing Failover Clustering with Hyper-V
  • Implementing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Planning for Virtualization
  • Virtualization with Hyper-V
  • Creating and Configuring Virtual Hard Disks and Virtual Machines
  • Hyper-V Migration
  • Configure Networking in Hyper-V
  • Replica and Disaster Recovery
Citrix XEN Server
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Creating Managing Virtual Machines
  • Implementing Resource Pools with Citrix
  • Distributed Virtual Switching
  • Xen server networking
  • Managing Disk and Target Devices
  • High Availability Managing And Troubleshooting Xen
  • Workload Balance
Xen Desktop & App
  • Understand the Architecture of a XenDesktop solution
  • Managing Desktops and Applications
  • Implementing Resource Pools with Citrix
  • Managing Licenses and delegating the Hypervisor
Configuring and Deploying a Private Cloud with Sys Center
  • Configuring and Deploying a Private Cloud with System Center
  • Virtual Machine Manager
  • Monitoring Private Cloud Infrastructure
  • Deploying Cloud Services
  • Configuring Virtual Application Delivery
  • Introduction to VMWARE virtualization
  • Installing and using VMWARE vcenter server
  • Storage Design
  • Scalability
  • Installing and Configuring VMWARE ESXi
  • VSphere Standard / Distributed Switches
  • Managing Virtual Machine
  • vMotion
  • Introduction To AWS
  • IAM (Identity And Access Management)
  • EC2 (Elastic Cloud Computing)
  • VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (s3)
  • Domain naming system (DNS)
  • ROUTE 53
  • CLOUD FORMATION (Infra oriented)
  • DATABASE (Infra Oriented)
  • LAMBDA (Infra Oriented)
Google Cloud
  • Understanding Google Cloud
  • Developing, Deploying and Monitoring in the Cloud
  • Storage in the Cloud
  • Deploying Cloud Services
  • Virtual Machines in the Cloud
  • Implementing and managing Azure Networks
  • Implementing Virtual Machines
  • Managing Azure VMs (AMAZON SWF)
  • Implementing Storage
  • Azure Cloud Services
  • Azure App Service
  • Implementing Containers
  • Azure Active Directory
OpenStack Cloud Platform
  • Introduction
  • Open stack storage
  • Understanding OpenStack
  • Deploying Openstack Infrastructure
  • Using Open Stack Dashboard
  • Getting Started With Nagios
  • Monitoring Linux System
  • Downloading and Installation
  • Monitoring Windows systems
Storage Fundamentals
  • Overview of FreeNAS
  • ZFS
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Prerequisite for FreeNAS
  • Volume and Snapshot

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